Thursday, July 14, 2016

Patti's Story Part 14 ©

Rivers, Glaciers, Mountains     

In the first photo I'm sitting at the base of Rollrock Glacier.
Patti sitting at base of Glacial wall
I have my all purpose mug out for a drink of the glacial water melting down the side where I'm sitting. Incredibly amazing to be able to say that I got to do that.  I'm 64 years old now. In this picture I am 30 years old. The glaciers in these photos have dramatically receded. I'll have to do some more research on that.
Patti and dogs crossing stream

The second photo shows another river crossing. We wore tennis shoes in rubber boots for much of this trip. It was a lightweight system and worked very well. The tennis shoes dried quickly overnight. We had been carrying our hiking boots but eventually left them at one of the camps. They were heavy and never dried out. Interesting that much of the gear we assumed would work did not. You have to be open to new ideas, listen to everyone with Arctic experience!
Patti and dogs mountain background

The third photo shows the dogs and me hiking. The forth is an incredible shot of a valley of Arctic Poppies on our route as we descended to Lake Hazen.
Red flowers in Mountainous Valley
Dogs in Arctic Cotton

The last photo is one of my favorites of Zap and Blackie. Oh my noble boys! I loved those dogs. They were amazing.

Be Well ~

Patti Steger 
Steger Mukluks 

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