Friday, June 17, 2016

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Ellesmere Island Overview     

Last night was spent Googling maps of Ellesmere Island with limited success. I am no Cartographer but have given this my best shot. This is a topographic Google Earth map with no locations on it so I have plugged in all of the important bits for you. Ellesmere Island is a mountainous place reaching altitudes of up to 8600'. It is 75,767 sq miles of rock, gravel and glaciers. Estimated population of 146.

We departed Eureka Weather Station on June 13. With a heavily loaded Komatik we headed out over gravel onto the watery ice of Slidre Fjord. Throughout this trip over the Fjords, keep in mind my explanation of the lightening speed of the Arctic Spring melt and the same for Fall freeze. I'll let this map be my offering today. The route is in red and blue. The first leg is negotiating Slidre Fjord, Greely Fjord and Tanquary Fjord over open leads and much water to reach Tanquary Camp. On arrival at Tanquary Camp, Bob caught a ride back to Resolute Bay as planned and headed home to Ely. Will and I rested the dogs for a few days and prepared for the next leg, a 300 mile dogpacking trip north through the mountains and around Lake Hazen and back to Tanquary Camp.

Have a great weekend everyone!! See you Monday!

Steger Mukluks

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